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  bergmann 8ede4f46a1 * fixed some compiler warnings in linux 7 years ago
  Martok fa3f592335 uwinImports: some more imports 7 years ago
  Martok 692be57e53 uutlCommandLine: new function utlUsageProgramName 7 years ago
  Martok 1af35923a4 uutlLogger: publish TutlLogger.FormatTime 7 years ago
  Martok f67480ede3 uwinImports: Windows-specific imports and utils 7 years ago
  Martok 957fb0a20d * [uutlGenerics] TutlList<T>: declare Sort() and required generics 7 years ago
  Martok eab7e2415a uutlCommandLine: new function utlHandleAllOptions 7 years ago
  Bergmann89 7b0d3ab0ad * [utlEvent] use queue for async listener (instead of list) 7 years ago
  Bergmann89 ff4dc341c9 * refactored uutlHandleManager 7 years ago
  bergmann 851bd40eb5 * implemented TutlHandleManager 7 years ago
  bergmann 66515e3fc6 * implementer IutlStored 7 years ago
  bergmann 85c54184d1 * simplified uutlEvents 7 years ago
  bergmann 2027bb6552 * [uutlGenerics] fixed interaface reference count bug 7 years ago
  bergmann cfeb3da3f4 * enumerator will track changes on enumerated list 7 years ago
  bergmann 44f95f96e7 * fixed some small bugs 7 years ago
  bergmann 4e03a0f6f3 * fixed compiler warnings 7 years ago
  bergmann f215e5925a * implemented custom reverse function for array like enumerator classes 7 years ago
  bergmann 65ae15f8a3 * removed unneeded and old files 7 years ago
  bergmann 34dd41eff7 * compiler bug when overloading generic functions is fixed so we can use it :) 7 years ago
  bergmann 2fc379f883 * generic set helpers 7 years ago
  bergmann 799950db31 * auto reset enumerator 7 years ago
  bergmann c8ab34ffcc * finished observables 7 years ago
  bergmann 21a5d3487b * some cleanup 7 years ago
  bergmann 77ee5bce60 * finished linq stuff 7 years ago
  bergmann 68a9cb7e70 * refactored generic code 7 years ago
  bergmann 4f43d5b548 * implemented HashSet and Map 7 years ago
  bergmann 220a7bfce8 * started refactoring 7 years ago
  Martok bb245d9d50 * use new buffered stream (eliminates need for TFastFileStream) 8 years ago
  Martok 80546477e7 * TutlReadBufferStream => TutlPagedBufferStream, offers the same functionality for reading *and* writing 8 years ago
  Martok d1dd22348e * removed Profiler writer backends, keep only binary format 8 years ago
  Martok 67a8598bc6 * implemented binary mode for profiler, defer symbol lookup to postprocessing 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 4864c4cb98 * implemented TutlXmlHelper 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 c6789dc465 * added sender to TutlEvent 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 f5850af740 * implemented uutlAlgorithm 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 835a257870 * implemented uutlEvent 8 years ago
  Martok 307544c0cf * [uutlCompression] fix wrong pointer arithmetics 8 years ago
  Martok 38c074d5ea * implemented seekable de/compression streams 8 years ago
  Martok c0108177b5 * implemented TOpen/SaveDialog Filter string builder 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 35524b6152 * [Generics] auto create map entry if not existing 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 2424b8cf04 * [uutlGenerics] added ForEach method for all list types 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 9055037754 * fixed bug in observable map: used wrong comperator 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 7415c50e73 * [utlEventManager] fixed bug in RecordEvent 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 b67d718606 * [utlMCF] fixed bug (save and load HexStrings with leading zeros) 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 6392c680ae * implemented observable generics 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 bc4f3166a4 * fixed compiler errors in generics 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 f24d6090b1 * refactored TutlEventManager 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 d120ade03a * [EventManager] added event type for mouse scroll events 8 years ago
  Martok d1cc1fa60a uutlGenerics: improve TutlEnumHelper (no more macros) 8 years ago
  Martok aa48423bc1 utlSScanF: new function utlSScanf 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 2e95929d4e * [uutlSerialization] implemented TutlFileReaderProxy and TutlFileWriterProxy 8 years ago