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  Bergmann89 359465b960 * updated submodules: OpenGLCore, Utils 7 years ago
  Bergmann89 4818c720f9 * implemented c# header and example 7 years ago
  Bergmann89 87836c02e0 * improved examples 7 years ago
  bergmann 403a8d0184 * updated submodules 7 years ago
  bergmann89 28b2cfd29d * added build script 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 508fac3664 * added documentation 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 dcf481aaa2 * finished c++ header and example 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 56273b6caf * implemented post processors and font 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 64398476ea * implemented classes for context, char and image in c++ header 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 80e534d16b * started implementatin of c++ header and example 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 23dae69503 * fixed library parameter (removed const where not needed) 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 a3fcd76e3c * implemented example for FPC 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 b7d65f1cf6 * implemented custom post processor 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 aacc1a3ad1 * implemented header for fpc 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 cb3db5ffd8 * implementation almost finished but not tested yet 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 582e478693 * added submodule: OpenGlCore, Utils 8 years ago
  Bergmann89 747b3b8dae * initial commit 8 years ago